Conversation, 2001

An electronic metronome swings with a certain Interval between the radio stations of two countries and alter­nately cuts and reinstates electricity. A conversation arises.

This is a conversation between different cultural worlds, opinions, love, countries, prophesies, a-tone, hates. Ideas, dreams, h-tone, happiness, indignation, sum­mers, news items, motorways, angling, downpours, d-tone, festivals, death notice, morning service, cornflakes, milk allergy, sun, moon and clouds, carburetors, butter acid, fraud, finishing touch, national flag, stillness, chocolate ice cream, c-tone, migration of birds, closeness In the air, clear sky, infidelity, vilco soup, krill, cool­ness, silencer, e-tone, water, consorting, mould, A4, rye mat, funeral, a wearing surface, sewing, a wedding between siblings, f-tone, support, key kids, rape. cd stands, laps, major, telephone conversation, cement and radio sets.